Past Collaborations

We're continuously doing limited edition, custom product lines with national and international brands that we love. 



FRESH from the Dairy State’s favorite historic Ice Cream brand. We are so freakin’ excited to introduce y’all our new custom product:

Comes in half pints, two old school flavors: Malted Milk Ice Cream & Vanilla Custard.

@schoepsicecream was founded just about the same time as Camp Wandawega opened it's doors. Our first newspaper advertisement in 1925 touted that (then-called) "Wandawega Inn" offered: 'Boats, smokes ICE CREAM & tasty sandwiches" The Icecream was most likely a local brand, possibly even Schoep's. So we jumped at the chance to collaborate on a custom two-variety offering.

We're obsessed with Schoeps (which was featured on @epicurious for best old school flavors). And we also love a brand with history of local family owned businesses. nearly a century ago, E.J. Schoephoester started making ice cream in the back of his Madison, Wisconsin grocery store with a single hand cranked freezer. Today, Schoep’s Ice Cream is still family owned and proudly made in Madison.

...and a half pint carrier, and a stack of napkins and spoons- 'cause they're all custom made to accompany the KAMPER KUPS.

When you're at camp, stop by the Canteen Ice Cream Freezer & grab one (or 20- our first run was 2000 half pints) more way that we're trying to help campers take a step back in time here.

Also- a big hug of gratitude to our old friend Ches (of @RightwaySigns) for bringing his magic brush & touch to every new project & product we add around this joint.



The new WANDAWEGA SKOTCH JUG - @theskotchkooler is the original plaid ‘outdoors-meets-style” grill / cooler / jug line - from the very chic era of Mad Men & JFK. Sadly, they went out of production almost 40 years ago, only to be found in antique stores.

Until now! A couple of friends of ours, (Patrick & Mark Hunt) rescued the copyright to resurrect the brand in epic fashion (staying true to the original aesthetic, but now also making it uber functional to last)

We were geeking out hard to get the phone call about doing a product collaboration (especially since we’ve been collecting vintage Skotch Koolers for years already).  Happy fall, folks !




‘The Gant children’s CAMP WANDAWEGA inspired collection features items that are designed for boys and girls from newborn to 15 years. Focusing on energetic hues, relaxed designs and comfort. Each separate is designed for adventurous girls and boys who love to be dressed in preppy camp styles, crafted in soft compositions.'



Given that we’ve been a hotel since 1925, it’s likely that some of our 45 beds probably had Faribault on them at some point.  Many of them still do, the spoils of a decade of searching every flea market, barn sale and estate sale in Wisconsin. In a continued effort to stay true to our rule of everything at camp being vintage, historic camp gear – the classic wool blankets remain an essential element.

The storied Explorations Collection was created to outfit the adventure into historic hideaways of the wilderness. It celebrates beloved locations across the United States that encourage exploring and seek to preserve its condition so that future generations are able to share the same feeling of escape in true form. 

We’re humbled to have been selected to join a very small group within The Storied Explorations Collection from Faribault Woolen Mills. And we’re even more grateful to have been included alongside the likes of Great Camp Sagamore & The Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.



Time stands still at Camp Wandawega, a rustic resort in the heart of the Wisconsin woods and an outrageously Instagrammable retreat for the creative set. This gift box encapsulates the Wandawega spirit and its commitment to the simple pleasures of simpler times.

In the heart of Chicago's warehouse district, the artisans at Tatine have been crafting fragrant journeys since 2001. This candle, evocative of the rugged beauty of a Northwoods campfire, is hand-poured into a beer glass and tucked into a woodkeeper's crate, where you'll also find antique newsprint wrap, a box of matches, a fish hook clip and a deck of stories.



Camp Wandawega has teamed up with Ural Motorcycles to create the ultimate adventure mobile for the Wisconsin backwoods.

The Sportsman Adventurer is a custom 2WD Ural Gear-Up featuring custom Camp W “Forest Fog” paint and blacked out engine with matching black trim. To battle the Wisconsin winters, Ural applied ceramic coating to the complete underside and interior of the sidecar to withstand road grime, salt, and snow.

We’re thrilled to have our name on this bike, and can’t wait to introduce her to the world. Its a Limited Edition package, available on a custom order basis from URAL & their dealers.



Nestled in the woods of Elkhorn, Wisconsin lies a camp made for catching fireflies at twilight and lounging lazily on wooden piers. But, since we can’t actually send the camp to you, we captured its vintage charm in this exclusively designed assortment of bedding, toys and décor. Pack your knapsack, and get lost in the quaint nostalgia of Camp Wandawega for Nod Collection.

Check out the products here.

The beloved children’s home brand also transformed Camp to shoot & launch their Holiday 2012 line for the “Land of Nod at Camp Wandawega” look book. Included a co-branded location story, a catalog feature on Wandawega and an online story.